GENKI JAPAN is a General Incorporated Association producing social design projects under the slogan "revitalize Japan & bringing Japanese vitality to the world !"

We design projects aimed at solving social issues in cooperation with the Japanese government, local authorities, private companies, educational institutions, civil society organizations, whithout any media or industry boundaries, in order to revitalize the Japanese society & economy from a local level. In particular, we are key actors in the field of localities revitalization, tourism, gastronomy, and the promotion of Cool Japan.

We are more than eager to develop new creative collaborations with producers and experts from all around the world. Any inquiry or project ? Feel free to contact us !

ARITA × NOBU Project

Implementation of a cross-sectoral model in cooperation with NOBU (Nobu Matsuhisa), owner of 40 restaurants worldwide, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Arita Porcelain in relevance with the world premium scene.

Gastronomy, design, supply chain and public-private partnerships were connected together through an original social design approach, leading to a successful local revitalization.

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Creating a Local Value

We are involved in the design of cross-sectoral social projects combining the private sector and govermental policies toward local revitalization that enhance a wide range of local ressources (human resources, food, traditional culture, tourism, manufacturing, education, etc.)

While earning consensus and support from the central goverment, local goverment and public interest groups, we build up close relationships with the private sectors and media to promote, in an effective and sustainable manner, the revitalization of localities.

<Fields of Activities>
- Public-private partnerships aimed at local revitalization
- Social communications relative to local social issues
- Social projects in cooperation local citizens
- Tie-up projects with private companies and NPO


Gastronomy Project implementation

Japanese gastronomy has been registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, and since then is praised worldwide for its expression of this unique value of Japanese people called "honoring the nature".

The Japanese gastronomy has many features : "respect of the flavor and the freshness of the ingredients" , "display of the beauty of nature and the cycle of seasons", "close relationship with annual events such as the New Year", "healthy food with excellent nutritional balance" among others.

In order to promote efficiently toward a worldwide audience the benefits of the Japanese gastronomy, we get involved in a variety of gastronomy-related events and projects.

<Fields of Activities>
- Promotion of Japanese gastronomy worldwide
- Japanese gastronomy promotion projects involving public / private sectors
- Social projects aimed at the revitalization of Japanese gastronomy
- Planning and implementation of Japanese gastronomy-related business with the private sector


Local Cool Japan

We work actively together with the Japanese government, the Cool Japan Advisory Council, local government, and the private sector to promote Cool Japan and the creative industries worldwide in a variety of business fields, such as : Japanese traditional culture & crafts, Japanese gastronomy, Japanese science and technology, Japanese Pop-Culture.

<Fields of Activities>
- Promotion of Cool Japan with public / private business in ASEAN countries, Europe, and the United States
- Promotion of Japanese gastronomy abroad
- Events promoting traditional culture & crafts abroad
- Consulting activities toward business opportunities with foreign partners


GR - Government Relationship

We build up cross-sectoral ties-up between Japanese government, local governments, private companies, educational institutions, civil society and Media in the field of the creative industries, local revitalization and employment, tourism promotion, along with consulting support toward goverment relationship, social marketing and business solutions sponsored by public funds and goverment grants.

<Fields of Activities>
- Japan government commissioned projects, subsidized business
- Public business collaboration for local government
- Public-private partnership projects aimed at public institutions
- Public-private partnership projects aimed at the private sector
- Public-private partnership marketing


Project Based Learning and Active Learning

All values begin with human resources and end up by it. Therefore, implementing social projects including human potential training is most important. There are no barriers of age and nationality to learn. Members of the civil society, young children and elders are all welcome to get involved into learning opportunities through projects in a wide range of fields.

<Fields of Activities>
- Project-Based Learning (PBL)
- PBL type training related to social fields
- Seminars aimed at communities, corporates and government
- Corporate training
- Academic training, learning programs for consensus building

Genki Japan TV

Genki Japan TV / Contents Creation

Local regions are those places where people live, involve themselves and keep in their heart whatever. The strong feelings toward one locality shared by the people of this area take roots in the close relationship of these people with their locality, their "stage", and each other. This local context becomes the driving force of the locality itself, leading to positive synergy.

Genki Japan TV focus on those people who contribute actively to their locality, with the purpose of becoming the closest communicative media of those local actors. This video feature of local residents would be ultimately relayed by word of mouth to the whole local community, favoring the establishment of new social bonds at the local level.

Drived by the slogan "Bringing the vitality of Japan to the World !" , we aim at bringing inspiration to many localities in Japan and in the world.

<Fields of Activities>
- Planning and production of the regular program "Genki Japan TV" broadcasted over the UTB digital broadcasting station in the United States
- Planning and production of the Internet broadcasting of "Genki Japan TV"